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WIRED | May 21, 2010

Fiesta Stars In Social Media Campaign

Fiesta Stars In Night of The Living Social Media Campaign

by Keith Barry

Fiesta Movement Awards Celebration

While a billboard can tell you about the Ford Fiesta’s keyless entry, it takes a webisode to show how that feature can help a Fiesta owner escape from zombies while his Toyota and Honda-owning friends become a snack for the undead.

That’s why Ford turned to agents from the successful first chapter of the Fiesta Movement to create online content to promote their new subcompact. They’re calling it the Fiesta Project, and so far theYouTube videos have gained nearly 500,000 views.

“We selected some of our most creative, funny and socially vibrant agents to help us showcase the vehicle’s class-exclusive features,” said Jonathan Beebe, Ford’s Digital Communications manager. The webisodes join a traditional marketing campaign and a second chapter of the Fiesta Movement, gaining big publicity for the tiny car.

Those agents include YouTube superstar Brittani Taylor, who compared a Fiesta with a Lamborghini Gallardo (the Fiesta won for luggage space and turning radius, the Lambo took the straightaway). Also featured: Jonathan Nafarrete, who created a horror flick in which a zombie devoured owners of subcompacts who lost precious seconds in order to fish keys out of their pockets and unlock their doors.

Sure, it’s an outlandish scenario, but anyone who remembers that scene from Night of The Living Deadwhen Barbra can’t start her ‘67 LeMans in time to escape the rapidly approaching reanimated corpses might think twice before buying a car without keyless entry.

Originally posted on WIRED.com